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Horoscope Aries: the free daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscope for Aries – from World of Wisdom

Your Zodiac Sign: ARIES – The Ram [ March 20th - April 19th ]
Planet ruling Aries: Mars | Cardinal sign | Fire sign

The position of your sun in Aries gives you access to a fiery energy which can be channeled without delay into dynamic action and brave initiatives. There is a core enthusiasm in your nature, and an unquestioning sense of personal identity. You are out there in front, inspiring people by example, with few doubts about where you are going and why. You are guided by the principles of chivalry and honor. When you turn within to meditate on your inner core, and shut out emotional and mental distractions, you find the living power of fire within, which transforms into a dynamo of energy... a fountain of creativity.

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Star sign: Aries

How does having the Sun in Aries affect your professional life?

Other things being equal, you would prefer to be a leader. Many of your personal challenges are concerned with your ability to take an initiative and get things going before other people do. It is not in your nature to take orders, so if you can't give them, you might prefer to go it alone. Your need for independence must be respected, if you are to thrive professionally. At best you are a fearless innovator, who is willing to take a risk to achieve short-term goals. At worst you are impulsive and headstrong.
Strive to attain self-satisfaction through pioneering achievement. It is often quite all right for you to put yourself first. People need someone to follow. Some of the greatest tests of your life arise when your sense of individuality is threatened. At these times you will mature by replacing a youthful self-centeredness with the spirit of leadership.

How does having the Sun in Aries affect your personal life?

In relation to others you expect to be respected and hate to be told what to do. You function best when your leadership is undisputed. You prefer excitement in a relationship, and thrive in a partnership which gives you freedom and independence. At the same time you can be rather naive and romantic. You enjoy competition in relationships, and hate being fawned upon. Perhaps you like to see yourself as a knight in shining armor, or a pioneer on some way. You have a direct nature and youthful charm, though you may be somewhat self-absorbed. Harmony usually depends on your learning to see things from the point of view of other people. Women with this influence may project it and thus be attracted to men with the qualities described. Men will tend to stand on their masculine dignity in a rather adolescent way. The greatest transformations in your life come when you learn to assert your individual nature.

Aries celebrities:

Kevin Federline, Mariah Carey, Victoria Beckham, Heath Ledger, Kate Hudson, Jamie Lynn Spears, Sarah Jessica Parker, Timothy Dalton, Matthew Broderick, Marcel Marceau, Diana Ross, Elton John, Warren Beatty, Marlon Brando, David Frost, David Letterman

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